I have no one to take over the company – what should I do?

We are placing an external executive into a critical position - how can we do that successfully?

We want to expand internationally - how do we develop our future leaders to be successful in that environment?

Our company was acquired by a foreign group – how do we best prepare our employees to work across cultural differences?

We have employees from diverse backgrounds – how can we leverage those differences more effectively?


Lippmann International Promotion

Reaching the next leadership level requires hard work, expertise, and leadership - skills that can be actively enhanced.

Career Expansion

Lippmann International Career Expansion

Experiences across various industries, functions, and cultures expand the (career) horizon.


Lippmann International Globalization

Success in today's environment is (in most situations) anchored in the capability to master intercultural challenges.

Talent-Pool Building

Lippmann International Talent-Pool Building

Talent-Pools help to create the workforce needed to achieve and sustain the organization’s strategy.    

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Voices of clients:

"Brigitte being both a strategist and a pragmatist, always ensures a long-term view when developing people-based solutions that will be supported and implemented by a company. Her systematic approach results in a transformational change, not only for the firm but also for each individual she works with."

- Anil Gulati, Stelaris LLC

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