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Stay healthy with working (in suboptimal conditions) at home!

There are a million articles being posted right now about what to do and what not to do due to the pervasive working from home due to Corona/COVID-19.  Use this link[nbsp]for a few tipps to stretch and relax in-between when working much more on the computer - and even worse: on the laptop.

"Real" Leader Are Not Afraid Of Digitization !

Don't be afraid of digitization,... but take the opportunity....
My colleague Beat Schori and I have seen how digitization questions the self-image of managers. While organizations in the pre-digital world were based on performance and hierarchies, in the digital age collaboration and co-creation are important. The importance of status and expert knowledge is changing. Read the full article here.

Best Practices are OUT !

In my opinion, there are several reasons, why Best Practices are not as relevant anymore as they were. And there are other tools that are more appropriate in the fast changing world we live in. Here the full article.

Innovation-Focused and Agile: Leader in the Digital Transformation

Agile leadership is one of those big, opaque expressions. What is it or even better: how can we become a little bit more agile in our leadership? Brigitte Lippmann presents 9 pragmatic ideas in this article. Even though it was published on a healthcare site, it is as applicable in any other context,...

Here the link to the original posting and here as download.

Test Talents, Live Diversity And Increase Market Success

How integrative leadership delivers in the digital age

How do we test talents, live diversity and increase market success? The evaluation and support of our talents needs to adapt to the changing markets, work environments and societies. 
Brigitte Lippmann's article giving thought-starters and solutions was published in the HR-Journal of the F.A.Z. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany's top newspaper]. 
Here the original text and here the english translation.

Which country is productive and why?

Brigitte Lippmann was interviewed by Lisa Smyth for an article published in der ASIA und EMEA version of the CEO Magazin. Foundational was an article ranking countries by their productivity in which Germany slid from rank # 6 in 2016 to #11 in 2017.  Here the link to the base article, which explains the ranking, und here the complete article published in the CEO Magazins.

The Power of WHY-Questions

How can "WHY" be a barely noticed word on the one side and a powerful tool on the other? How do we used it efficiently? It can help to identify root causes and sources for problems and differences ,.. so how can it be used "badly"? In the context of coaching and people development, asking "Why" can often cause counterproductive defensiveness,....Here more!

Holidays - Time of Surprises

Surprises,.. not big change but small annoying disturbances, disruptions, and contradictions showing up. How to handle them better? have a look:

Here the link to the article.

Change Leadership 4.0

Change Leadership is an expression used all the time and everywhere. What does it actually mean in the 4.0 environment? What can leaders do to actually be more successful in this fast changing environment we live it?

Here the link to the article.

The little word "AND"

We use many words every day. Especially the small ones - like, but, and. Most of the time, we are not aware of the impact those little words can have on a conversation. Lets have a look:

Here the link to the article.

The Power Of - Truly - Open Questions.

Open questions - sounds easy and self-evident.... but once you listen more carefully you discover that leading or closed questions are omnipresent. Lets look at the power of - truly - open questions:

Here the article!

Study Maps Challenges and Opportunities for Pro-LGBT Companies Operating in Anti-LGBT Markets

Fifty-eight percent of LGBT employees at multi-national corporations (MNCs) say their company has a nondiscrimination policy based on sexual orientation and transgender identity. However, LGBT-supportive MNCs struggle to extend that protection beyond their walls in anti- LGBT jurisdictions, given that seventy-five countries still criminalize same-sex sexual conduct1. The Center for Talent Innovation’s 10-market study (including Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, the UK, and the US), Out in the World: Securing LGBT Rights in the Global Marketplace, shows LGBT-supportive MNCs how to foster an inclusive and safe environment for employees both on and off corporate campuses in anti-LGBT geographies. 

Here the study brief and the infographic for your download.  Here to the full report!

Study Reveals Global Leader Competencies Required for Competitive Market Advantage

Following their research on "Executive Presence", the Center for Talent Innovation now published the newest research (and book) to look at those leadership competencies, that really make the difference for global executives - especially when they are NOT of the HQ nationality and culture.
How do key expectations of "leadership" vary across cultures and how do you then pivot among those different expectations to be successful in your local market and in the minds of the HQ executives? Are there differences between the expectations depending on gender? Yes!

Here an article as a short description - here the link to the 14-page journal - and here the link to the book.



Millennial women are set to take on unprecedented leadership positions (link here)

The Fast Company article from Sava Berhane highlights good points for millennial women: Develop your executive presence, manage your energy, think positively and use storytelling to advance your career. Lippmann International believes, that those four ways are relevant to all (female) leaders and hence focuses particularly on the first two elements on this list. Get in touch to learn more!

Chief Medical Officer of the family - the woman

Engaging the Chief Medical Officer of the family - the woman - as key decision makers for health outcomes (Click here)

Ground breaking research was just published about the role of women in health care. The report from the Center for Talent Innovation clearly shows (see the infographic) how the healthcare industry fails women and more importantly highlights many solutions for organizations how to remedy that short coming. Leverage your female workforce for better market understanding, access and success.

Women and Power

Power steering women off the leadership track? Let set the record straight #joysofpower 

The current narrative around women and power is misleading and is steering women off of the leadership track. Let's set the record straight! In a recent study, the Center of Talent Innovation uncovered that women tend to view the burdens of a powerful position outweighing the benefits. As a result, only 26% of women in the U.S. report that they would accept an executive leadership position if offered to them tomorrow. Read, view and share the stories of powerful women who have gained agency and influence as a result of having a powerful job!

Dual-Career Challenges for Expats

Dual-Career Challenges for the Expat Family: Why Expat Employers Should Be Concerned (see article here

We all know that being an Expat is not easy - neither for the person, the company and certainly not for the accompanying family. Not sure why the article assumes the women to be the "trailing spouses" (as I have worked more with trailing husbands!), but that be as it may. The article highlights that Expat-spouses need to be aware of the "feeling of loss" syndrome - and that can significantly impact the success of the assignment for both - employee and accompanying family!