Board Memberships

Healthcare Shapers

Brigitte Lippmann is member of the Managment Board of the Healthcare Shapers.

Healthcare Shapers is an international network of like-minded professionals with deep experience in healthcare. We share a common belief that the healthcare sector requires more patient-focus, which, in turn, implies far-reaching transformation. We focus on areas where we see an unmet need in the healthcare market and a fit with our competencies. We do only what, in our view, is meaningful and will create sustainable value. In this way, we achieve our goal of shaping better healthcare.


Brigitte is board member of the German-based TOTAL E-QUALITY.

Since 1996, TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e. V. has been aiming to establish and sustainably ensure equal opportunities. This aim is achieved when talents, capabilities and expertise of both genders are recognized, embraced and promoted in equal measures.

For exemplary activities in terms of human resource management aimed at providing equal opportunity, TOTAL E-QUALITY presents an award every year. This award certifies that the recipient has shown a successful and sustained commitment to equal opportunities for women and men across functions in their organizations (industry, non-for-profits, government agencies and academia).

In the future, the activities of the association will emphasize the broader diversity issue, further the concentration on medium sized businesses and work towards a Europe-wide award presentation.


Sprechblase mit Haken
  • “Brigitte’s style of transformational coaching is firm, fair and compassionate. She knows how to meet executives where they are and enable them to achieve new levels of effectiveness. Her passion for helping leaders become their best shows up in her approach, and more importantly in the outcome of her work.”
    - Zant Chapelo, SVP HR, NASDAQ-traded Hi-Tech company

  • "Thanks again for a great workshop. I think you are a very inspirational and engaged trainer/facilitator. It was easy to follow the structure and the subjects we were going through. As a trainer/facilitator for people from different countries, I also think its great that you are easy to understand from a language point of view. You are using words everyone understands, not talking too fast nor too slow etc. This means you keep the audience's attention."
    - Jenny S (Transformation Manager, Nordics, Fortune 100 company)

  • "Many thanks for your engagement in this special 2-day leadership development course and congratulations for the 5.0 (out of 5) evaluation! We are looking forward to our next engagements with you."
    –Elizabeth D. (Fortune-50-Unternehmen, Manager Leadership Development)

  • "With the challenges our business was facing, a transition in leadership posed considerable risk. Knowing that a seasoned coach was going to help ensure that the transition was supported holistically and with a business savvy made all the difference. [Name hidden]'s transition was rapid and focused and he had an excellent run as [role hidden] while building a positive reputation!"
    – Rachna K. (Head of HR, NYC, non-profit sector)
  • "We agree that the training was definitely worthwhile and we are glad to have taken it. Not only has the training helped me understand my German colleagues’ way of working and thinking, it has opened my eyes to how I do so as well coming from the USA. It is fair to say that the cultural training has impacted my daily life and understanding of my surroundings not only at work, but in social settings and in Munich as well. Thank you for being a prepared, fun and informative teacher, Brigitte!"
    –Expat Leanne S. moving from the US to Munich
  • "Brigitte being both a strategist and a pragmatist, always ensures a long-term view when developing people-based solutions that will be supported and implemented by a company. Her systematic approach results in a transformational change, not only for the firm but also for each individual she works with."
    - Anil Gulati, Stelaris LLC

  • "Thank you for the wonderful session this morning. You received all excellent marks on the evaluations. Even on short notice, your style and ability to read the need to be more impromptu, were the perfect fit for these clients." 
    - Elizabeth Berent, Cross-cultural business communications consultant 
  • "I have encountered many management and organizational strategy consulting experts specialized in organizational effectiveness and have engaged in senior leader consultation and change management over the years. Ms. Lippmann is one of the very best I have encountered and I consider her to be in the top one or two percent of the field especially where one needs to blend analytical, strategic and organizational insight."
    Joe B. (previous Vice-President for Organizational Effectiveness and Learning & Development at Pfizer Inc)
  • "I can attest to the fact that Ms. Lippmann has an immense capacity to absorb complex knowledge and to apply her excellent analytical know-how to important business problems. Her extensive background in organizational effectiveness and knowledge transfer is unique. I also consider her to be an individual with very strong values, in short, a highly trustworthy and objective advisor."
    David P. (previous senior professor at HGSE and also Senior Co-Director of Harvard Project Zero)