Lippmann International sometimes collaborates with colleagues and firms for capacity reasons, but also for expert knowledge and an increase in content reach. Here is a link to an interesting article illuminating this point and demonstrating what is needed to use such a network successfully. How To Build A High Octane Network

All companies on the network are proven experts in their fields and familiar with our thinking and style of working.  Their expertise can be integrated quickly, seamlessly and actively into a project.

Here we present these individuals and companies. If you find a topic of particular interest, please use the link to the website or the contact information provided.

Worldwide Connect

An employee (or you) is being sent abroad for an expatriate assignment. Or, your workforce is conducting business across cultures, traveling overseas, or working in a multi-cultural environment. Learn more here!

Stelaris LLC

If the succession management does not work and an organization needs other management or even owners, then Stelaris can help.  Learn more here!

Günther Illert

Sometimes you need a strategy coach - a dedicated and savvy pragmatist who works on solutions for burning and complex challenges with you.
Learn more here!

Social DNA

Social media is important and business leaders should extent their own and their firm's positive reputation from the real world to the digital space. To support you in strategically and effectively establishing your digital persona with social networking, social media marketing and digital advertising, that is the core competence of Social DNA. Learn more here!

Center for Talent Innovation

You want to attract, retain and accelerate the new streams of talent around the world? Ground-breaking research from the Center for Talent Innovation helps.  Learn more here!

Healthcare Shapers

We believe in patient-centered and meaningful innovation to create a sustainable healthcare. We create value by catalyzing change, using collaboration of relevant experts to shape healthcare. Learn more here!