Worldwide Connect

Cross-cultural Training for Expatriates, Business Travelers, and Global Workforces

Whether living or working overseas, understanding the cultural differences is critical for success. WorldWide Connect specializes in helping individuals and organizations to be more effective when living and working across cultures, time zones, and language barriers.  Our cross-cultural and expatriate training programs will help you and your employees to:

  • Navigate the complex, global business environment
  • Prevent costly mistakes that arise from cross-cultural understandings
  • Understand the cultural do’s and don’ts & appropriate business etiquette
  • Prepare for ‘culture shock’ when moving to a foreign country

WorldWide Connect offers a variety of cultural and training solutions for your entire global workforce including: 

  • Global Business Briefings – for international travelers
  • Expatriate Training & Support – for international assignees & families
  • Cross-cultural Diversity & Awareness Programs – for all employees
  • Multi-cultural & Virtual Teambuilding – for international teams
  • Cross-cultural Management Coaching – for global leaders and managers

With a network of cross-cultural experts in over 40 countries, WorldWide Connect can support your employees where you want it, when you want it, and how you want it. For more information about how we can help you to be more effective in a cross-cultural world, please contact us.    

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